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Uddhav Thackeray Dismisses Claims of Rift among Maharashtra Allies, Says In Regular Touch with Pawar and Congress

Resistance BJP's claims of"rift" one of the coalition partners at the state authorities, also claimed that there was"eloquent" coordination among the allies.
Aghadi (MVA), including the Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress, there has been"great coordination and cooperation" among the allies in the previous 3 months. He hunted for additional strengthening the collaboration among the alliance partners.
"I had a Great meeting with Congress president Sonia Gandhi throughout my Current Delhi visit.

Thackeray also advised the legislators that he's in regular contact

The chief minister said that the execution of Mahatma Jyotirao Phule farm loan scheme has started from Monday and debt of beneficiary farmers, whose loan is up to Rs two lakh, will be eliminated by March 31, 2020.

According to sources, controversial issues such as the National

"Permit the BJP bestow Bharat Ratna on Savarkar, We'll proceed a Resolution congratulating the Centre," that a Shiv Sena ministry stated. The chief minister on Sunday declared a committee comprising members of both alliance partners will be set up to track the NPR practice and what queries are being requested from taxpayers.

Sources said the MVA government anticipates the month-long budget Session, which started on Monday, to be eloquent. Leaders of allies at the MVA authorities have asked all legislators of their various parties to stay within the House during the semester, they included.

US President Donald Trump Visits Iconic Taj Mahal in Agra, Says 'America Loves India'

Evening seen the iconic Taj Mahal since they marvelled at the famous 17th century Mughal-era mausoleum constructed as a monument of love.
Trump, followed by his spouse, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, came here from Ahmedabad.

Of his wife Mumtaz Mahal who died in 1631, was refurbished for the trip.
The Taj complicated and afterwards wrote in the visitors' book. They were briefed about the background and significance of this monument
The US President's trip to Agra and Taj has created enormous Excitement among neighborhood residents. Some shops have even shown their own banner ads, welcoming Trump into India.

Trump also chose to Twitter to express his own thoughts about his First official trip to India, which started with a trip to Ahmedabad.

"First woman and I've travelled 8,000 miles around the globe to Provide a message to every citizen of the nation America enjoys India, America respects India, and also the people of America will probably remain true and dedicated friends of those of India," the American pioneer tweeted in Hindi.

Drove to Oberoi Amarvilas resort close to the Taj Mahal complex, as over 15,000 school pupils who lined both sides of the road held US and India flags and cheered the US president as his motorcade passed .
Huge billboards bearing greeting cards and images of Trump, First Lady and Modi sprinkled the almost 13-km convoy course as road roundabouts decked out using US and India flags symbolised that the US-India friendship.

A comprehensive three-layered safety is set up because of his Agra See, and police had obtained the Taj Mahal assumptions cleared of people from noon, hours before Trump's visit to the celebrated architectural milestone.

Trump along with the First Lady appreciated the view of this marble marvel at the day as a cool breeze added to the nice weather.

The couple will Spend about one hour Taj to catch the sunset in the UNESCO heritage site, before going to Delhi.

The last US president to Go to the Mughal-era miracle was Bill

From enormous billboards bearing greeting cards to road Roundabouts decked out by US and India flags, Agra had waited to welcome President Trump and police made structures to provide a"playful Agra" into the visiting President, wanting to shake off the old label of town of ghosts'.

"Throughout Clinton's trip the town roads were abandoned because of Security structures, prompting him to call it a town of ghosts'. This time the excitement could be sensed in the atmosphere," said Mohit Kumar, who works at a resort in Tajganj region.

"I was really young in 2000 when Clinton visited. We're very Excited and happy that the next US President has come into our town because of the civic amenities are enhanced," he explained.

Trump came in Agra after collectively attending Prime Minister

A giant billboard there containing Trump, First Lady Melania Trump And Prime Minister Modi greeted the bunch using a message Grand welcome of India's best buddy to the Town of Love Agra'.

"In the airport, the US President's convoy went until the From there that the President along with his loved ones members and members of high tech delegation accompanying him transferred into green golf carts to journey in the monument assumptions," a senior officer said.

According to Supreme Court instructions, gasoline or diesel-operated vehicles aren't allowed within 500 m of the Taj Mahal's gate.

The architectural marvel inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Website in 1983 is constructed from white Makrana marble and reddish sandstones, and famous for its intricate inlay work on the rock surface.

Taj Mahal, considered among the seven wonders of the world,

Stop by the monument during his India trip. It's said he couldn't do this Because of safety reasons.