WhatsApp Web Reportedly Starts Receiving Grouped Stickers Feature

WhatsApp's Android and iOS apps Pile two stickers in One line If they're delivered in rapid succession. Stacking two stickers conserves onscreen space, and although it's not functionally very helpful, it's a neat addition however. WhatsApp has apparently been working on this attribute since August, and has finally started rolling out grouped stickers to customers through the secure station for its messaging app's Web customer.

Are currently offered. However, so as to permit the decal partitioning feature, users might need to close and then restart the window where a WhatsApp internet session is busy. Here is how the piled stickers look from the WhatsApp mobile app:
But could not view group stacking in actions. We tried it on Windows in addition to macOS, and also a trio of internet browsers, but could not see two stickers piled together in one line how that they appear from the WhatsApp mobile app.
Even after logging from our WhatsApp Internet Session, logging in and testing with different Internet browsers, we could not see grouped stickers. If it is possible to see decal piling in WhatsApp net, do inform us. Additionally, keep in mind that two stickers will be piled together in one line just when they're sent . WhatsApp Web lately landed the sequential voice message playback feature, a feature that's offered from the cell app too.


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